solar panels in the snow People who live in states that are sunny year-round don’t have to worry about how changing weather might affect their solar panel system. Although weather does play a role in how much energy your system produces, unless your home is completely shaded by trees, your solar panels will perform well regardless.

A common concern of those who live in northern states is that their panels will be blocked or damaged by snow in the winter. What they don’t know is a little-known benefit of solar panels: they function as free snow removal!

Solar panels spend all daylight hours converting energy from the sun into usable electricity. This process generates heat, which warms up the cells. When it’s snowing, the snow that falls on a bare roof melts much slower than the snow that falls on warm solar panels. The slush slides right off the panels, exposing them again to any ambient light they will then continue to absorb and convert into electricity throughout the day.

Solar Panel Installation

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