In their recent article, Redfin asks a variety of experts to elaborate on how homeowners can be more environmentally friendly, and we made the cut. Redfin is a full-service real estate brokerage that strives to embody the modern way of selling and buying a home by making the process easy, logical and efficient. 

The tips in their article follow suit as they list simple and timely things we can (and should) act on now. Join us in helping to combat climate change in a big way. Feel like a grand ask? Follow us, we know where to start! 

Help the Earth 

Implementing solar panels helps to counteract carbon emissions from non-renewable energy sources such as oil, natural gas, or coal. As a result, the general health of the public improves.

Because solar energy is renewable, meaning it never runs out because it is naturally replaced, it is free and accessible to all.

Increase Your Home Value and Save Money 

The only cost involved in the process is the actual installation of the solar panels. But, because they last up to 40 years and the homeowner is able to sell banked energy back to major power companies, the investment truly pays for itself.

Most importantly, your decision to switch to solar panels is quite literally an investment in your or your children’s future. In general, people who switch tend to develop improved energy consumption habits. This lends itself to personal financial stability as well as environmental protection.


In Redfin’s article, we share our research and our thoughts on climate change and how going solar helps people embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

 “Powering up with solar is an easy way to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and become more environmentally friendly from the comfort of your home. When homeowners switch to solar, they can reduce or eliminate their electric bills, provide excess energy back to the grid for savings and rebates, and can reliably power their home in lieu of a generator during inclement weather.”

 But that’s not all—read what else we have to say in the article here

With our help, solar energy is easy to channel and accessible to everyone. Want to know more about decreasing your carbon footprint by switching to solar? Check out our website to learn how you can switch on the sun