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Founded in 2020, Boundless Energy Inc. is the leader in solar innovation. We pride ourselves on passing cost savings to our customers by leveraging strategic partnerships and using a unique sales compensation structure. Good for the customer, great for you. Come join our growing team! Be powerful. Be energized. BE BOUNDLESS.

Meet Our Team Leaders

Riley Traveller

Riley Traveller



Jay Pelletz



Mark Featherstone

Chief Sales Officer


Bill Menzel

Chief Revenue Officer


Derek Vecchione

Chief Operations Officer


"Boundless is the fourth solar company I have worked with. The culture, pay structure and opportunities for growth are unmatched in my experience. The other companies were jobs, Boundless is my career."

Karl T. 

"Boundless provides unique experiences that people might never have otherwise, and it's inspiring to see our company's owners working alongside us in the field. It's more than a job; it's about making a real difference."

Jeff G.

"Boundless gives you the opportunity to help yourself, help your community, and help the world all by simply working to your full potential with a group of unmatched individuals."

Emma C.

"I’m so incredibly thankful I found Boundless. The culture, the grit, the gratitude that exists here makes it my daily mission to succeed. The people, the experiences, and the chance to give back makes it my forever home."

Hannah G.

"I’m grateful to have found Boundless, a company that shares the same values and mission as myself! Happy to be in the right place with the right people at the right time."

Nicole W.

"Boundless is a company where everyone plays and everyone gets rewarded for the value they bring. It feels good to know that you get rewarded for what you do not who you are."

Neil K.

"Boundless provides great value for our customers. Homeowners know they are getting full transparency when it comes to cost, best in class support and expertise in the business."

Khoi N.

"I love working for Boundless because it fosters a supportive, fun and collaborative work environment, which also encourages personal and professional growth. Boundless’ commitment to innovation and its inclusive culture resonate with my values."

Genesis D.

"I like working with Boundless because everyone treats each other like family."

Ronel F.

"Boundless has given me the opportunity to help my family in a significant way. I love the people, the culture and the atmosphere."

Scory F.

"I love the culture of growth. Everyone has an opportunity to develop their careers, and make great money while we’re doing it! I love the leaders and mentorship!"

Jesse B.

"Boundless is the place to be if you want to be surrounded by successful people who want to help you succeed. They care about you both personally and professionally."

Seth S.

"I love working at Boundless because of the culture and people I'm surrounded by. I can hardly believe I get to work with such talented individuals daily who want to help me succeed."

Nicolas R.

"We are more than just a sales organization. Offering unparalleled support, visionary leadership, and unbeatable prices for the consumer, we stand apart in the solar industry, we are Boundless."

Wyatt C.


Our Team Goes on

International Expeditions givepower Boundless believes strongly in the importance of giving back, and our partnership with GivePower has become a key element of our culture as an organization. Boundless donates because we believe in GivePower’s mission – and we take it a step further by sending our top Sales Reps on these trek’s as a reward for top performance.

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