It’s only natural that solar panels and the Sunshine State go hand in hand, right?

Ranking consistently as one of the sunniest states, solar panels definitely make sense for Florida homeowners.

The next question isn’t if homeowners in the state should invest in solar, but why.

Let’s break down some of the facts to finally answer “are solar panels are worth it in Florida?”

Why Should I Go Solar in Florida?

This clean energy source is an attractive option for Florida homeowners who want to take advantage of the abundance of sunshine in the state to save on energy costs. In fact, Florida holds the fourth place for solar power according to the National Solar Industries Association (NSIA).

You too can join in on the fun. The NSIA estimated that Florida has enough solar installed to power 780,586 homes. This makes it clear that thousands of homeowners are already reaping the benefits of the sun’s power. And while the state is already among the top users of solar power, recent utility investments in clean energy and incentives for homeowners mean there will likely be even more growth in this area in the future.

How Much Will I Save By Going Solar in Florida?

Although there are many unique benefits to going solar, one of the main reasons these panels are so popular in Florida is the immediate and long-term cost savings. After installing an appropriately sized system, many homeowners see their utility bills decrease by hundreds of dollars.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last in Florida?

Typically, solar panels last for 25-30 years in Florida. In this long run, thousands of dollars are saved (as much as $30k to be exact) throughout the life of the system.

These savings, along with other incentives, mean that this earth-friendly option is an affordable and financially savvy solution to lowering your utility bills for decades to come. Ready to start saving yet?

What are Florida’s Solar Rebates and Tax Credits?

Like many other states, Florida offers some appealing rewards for homeowners who make the switch. While there are quite a few incentives that make solar panels worthwhile in Florida, perhaps the most important is the state’s investment tax credit (ITC). This allows homeowners in Florida to buy and install new panels (with or without battery storage) and qualify for a 26% federal solar tax credit during 2021 and 2022. Be sure to take advantage of this perk before it expires in 2024!

The Sunshine State also has a net metering program that allows homeowners in certain areas to sell their excess energy back to the grid for credits. This, along with Florida’s Property Tax Exclusion for Residential Renewable Energy Property and a home solar system sales tax exemption, make this option incredibly affordable for homeowners in the state.

So, it is safe to say that our answer is a resounding yes!

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