benefits of solar panels

People consider installing solar panels and switching to renewable energy for many reasons. One of the most common motivations is the benefits that come with making the switch. The biggest three benefits of solar panels are:

  1. Protecting the environment
    Solar panels can lower a family’s carbon footprint by up to 80%, saving the atmosphere from dangerous emissions that are released when people burn fossil fuels for power.
  2. Save on your energy bill
    Once the initial investment of solar panel installation is paid off, the system generates enough electricity to completely offset a family’s power needs, eliminating their monthly electricity bill.
  3. State and federal incentives
    In addition to functionally free electricity, the United States offers a federal tax refund of 26% on solar panel purchases. Some states even offer incentives such as buying back the excess energy generated by privately owned solar panels.

These three benefits are typically motivating enough to convince people to go solar. However, there are some other, less obvious benefits of solar panel installation you may not have previously considered:

  1. Roof protection
    Solar panels cover either a portion of or the entire roof of a homeowner’s house. This extra layer of covering provides shingles protection from the elements, helping your roof last longer in conditions like wind, rain and snow.
  2. Shade
    Solar panel systems create a shade effect that can cool down your home, helping out your AC system so it doesn’t have to work as hard in summer months. This will lower your electricity needs and increase your overall return on investment for your solar panels.
  3. Environmental consciousness
    People who install solar panels tend to become more environmentally conscious and take more efforts to make their homes more efficient in other ways. They tend to develop better energy consumption habits after going solar and being able to monitor their systems production. These can be useful not only in lowering personal expenses but also in protecting the environment during a critical time.
  4. Higher price when selling
    Homes with solar panels installed will typically sell for a higher asking price than comparable homes without a solar system in the same area. Many homeowners are able to make up 100% of their investment when they sell the house – and that’s not counting all the savings on utilities and state incentives.

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