Marlborough, MA

Boundless Energy Inc. and Freedom Forever, two key players in the renewable energy sector, are pleased to announce a deepening of their partnership. The decision to reinforce and further integrate both organizations aims to enhance company stability and longevity while creating unique ownership opportunities for sales representatives and leaders alike.

Riley Traveller, the CEO of Boundless Energy, stated, “This partnership makes it possible for every person in our organization to own a piece of Freedom Forever. We’ve chosen to make equity available to everyone, not just the executives. Our motto is: everybody builds, everybody plays.” The extended agreement is a strategic move solidifying the commitment of both Boundless and Freedom to work hand-in-hand to capture a significant increase in the solar energy market share. “Our mission has always been to drive down costs and bring solar to the masses. Boundless has been an integral part of our growth, and this partnership provides a level of stability and longevity that further enables us to
accomplish our overall mission,” Brett Bouchy, CEO of Freedom Forever, added.

This integration immediately enables both organizations to further drive down costs and increase the already tangible competitive advantages. With roughly 3000 employees at Freedom and approximately 500 at Boundless, the partnership is expected to immediately create additional job opportunities, contributing to economic growth and development. Chad Towner, CRO of Freedom Forever, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We’re excited to deepen the partnership and focus on stability, which definitely results in more job opportunities.” Traveller concluded, “Boundless + Freedom creates an unfair advantage in the marketplace. We have lower costs for customers, better compensation for employees, and we’re giving everyone an opportunity to be an owner. We’re putting our money where our mouth is.”

Contact Information
Name: Riley Traveller
Company: Boundless Energy, Inc.
Address: 11 Apex Dr. Suite 301B, Marlborough, MA 01752