solar energy production For those living in states that are sunny year-round, the changing of their solar panels’ energy generation with the seasons may not be at top of mind. However, homeowners in the northern United States may be more concerned about the efficiency and efficacy of their systems in the winter. Key to alleviating these worries is understanding the seasonality of solar energy production. 

The further south you travel, the closer you get to the equator, where the amount and concentration of sunlight is evenly distributed over the months of the year. Therefore, in states like California, Arizona, Texas and Florida, the difference in season and energy production are less drastic between summer and winter. 

In places like the Northeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest, seasonality creates more drastic change, and solar systems tend to overproduce. After generating lots of energy in the spring and summer, homeowners can use those built up credits to help carry them through the fall and the winter. During darker months when their systems aren’t producing as much energy, these homeowners can rely on their previously generated solar power instead of having to draw from the grid. 

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