how much do solar panels cost

You’re probably aware of the many environmental and financial benefits of making the switch to solar energy. So, what should you expect in pricing when viewing your options?  

Factors That Affect the Cost

On average, a solar panel energy system all together costs $20,000. That being said, no two houses are the same when it comes to installing and running solar panels. Sizing, location, and customization can all impact your price tag.

Cost of Installation

The initial upfront cost depends on the size of the system you wish to install, the amount of energy you want to generate for your house, and the state you reside in. As expected, a larger system will be more expensive to install, but your electric bills will be significantly reduced over time.

Solar Panel Savings

There are many benefits in investing in a valuable solar panel system and company that pays for itself over the lifetime of your home. For example, the federal solar tax credit (frequently referred to as the ITC) reduces your solar system cost by 26%. Other rebates and tax incentives could reduce the price of installing solar panels depending on your state and local government.

Ultimately, there is no way to know exactly how much installing a solar panel system will cost without scheduling an appointment or requesting a quote. For more information or to request your personalized quote, contact the team at Boundless today.

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