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If you’ve been considering installing solar panels for your home, there’s never been a better time to move. In addition to all the environmental benefits that come with switching to clean energy, going solar can also add a lot of value to your home, making it a great option for new homeowners as well as those looking to move in the near future. Even if you haven’t previously considered solar panels for your home, these 5 ways solar systems add value to your home may convince you.

Long-term reduction of monthly electricity bills

Did you know that most households pay off their fees in as little as 5 years? This combined with immense monthly savings on electricity bills is a big incentive not only for the current homeowners, but also for those looking to buy it in the future.

State rebates for excess electricity produced

If you thought not having to pay for electricity sounded good, imagine getting paid for it! Many states offer rebates as incentives, which means you may get paid for the electricity your system produces. For this reason, installing solar panels for your home is a great opportunity even for those who don’t feel they consume a large amount of electricity on a monthly basis. A federal solar tax credit of 26% for 2021 also motivates many homeowners to make the switch.

Increase in asking price when selling

For the two reasons above as well as a growing consciousness of our carbon footprints, homes with solar panels installed tend to have higher asking prices when selling compared to similar homes in the area that don’t have solar systems. People are willing to pay for solar panels for their future home!

Expedited closing when selling

In addition to higher asking prices, homes with solar systems tend to sell much faster than similar homes in the area without them. Moving is among the most stressful major changes we go through in our lives, and the entire process only becomes more stressful when you have to worry about selling your previous home while moving into your new one. Solar panels aren’t just an investment, they’re also extremely appealing to home buyers who are looking to reduce their cost of living in their new home.

Great return on your investment

Solar is the safest investment that you could ever make. As long as the sun comes out every day, your system will produce electricity and energy savings, guaranteeing an eventual return on your investment.

Solar panels don’t just add monetary value to your home; they also add personal value. Savings on monthly electricity bills and income from rebates means more money to spend on the things that may have seemed like luxuries or frivolities before. Go ahead and splurge on that car you had your eye on or dig a new pool for the backyard.

To learn more about the benefits of solar systems for your home, visit our Learning Center or contact one of our experts. If you’re ready to make the change to solar energy, request a quote today.

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